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For a long time since it’s only a camera and it is getting better and better every single updates.

I have so much fun keeping up with my besties and even my long distance friends!

You can use just one hand without typing through the tiny keyboard. While I am looking forward to a few improvements such as a Story, but this app is awesome already!! make this so awesome this is like the other Snapchat because I am not allowed to have Snapchat yet but this is like Snapchat and I love it so much thank you boo for doing this and I really support you through all the things that you've done and it's really the best Game ever thank you both for making us I love you boo This app is just like Snapchat is set up it has a lot more filters and in Snapchat you only have a limited amount this one has limited amount but it's way more so you get to have way more fun get to San way more to your friends like what did you not want in this app like BOO!

It’s like a easier-to-use Snapchat, but incredibly simple! I don’t like social media Apps nowadays like Instagram, Snapchat or other broadcasting Apps where you have no privacy at all. This is a perfect solution for us teens to connect with each other. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Everybody should go download this game because you can go and chat with people except for my friend download it now I can chat with her she is so amazing in the same suing me using BOO!


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