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He plays right when he gets home till it's time to shower.When we tell him he can't play the tears start and the yelling begins. I want my son back and want him to live in the real world not in his virtual world he's in!

For one thing, there’s a new community of like-minded players to make friends with and collaborate with.

Another customer sitting at a table by ours, saw me stare at my husband and get ****y and storm out with the kids.

He has no friends other then who's online with him.

DISCLAIMER: I highly recommend that you don't click on the links given. When bored I just start Tor and keep bouncing around lots of links. So surfing consists of a lot of refreshing and re-refreshing. Let me present to you (pause) The Hidden Wiki, which is a little catalog of some DN services. It will give you some idea of what evils dwell in the DN and you will find that contract killers, drug dealers, etc. I've obviously removed the really sad child and animal pornography links: Volunteers last verified that all services in this section were up, or marked as DOWN, on: 2011-06-08 For configuration and service/uptime testing, all services in this section MUST list the active port in their address.

My husband is on his phone ALL the time playing clash of clans.


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