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Sinking deeper into depression, he fled into chat rooms, where he arranged rendezvous with adult women willing to watch him masturbate.

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Chat_Moderator: Questions and responses will be posted in the form of a transcript following this chat, please refrain from submitting personal details with your question. Dr_Carson: The cause of PD is not known but appears to be related to penile trauma during coitus. Dr_Carson: There is a trial that will begin in the next several months evaluating the effects of injectable collagenase in resolving plaque and curvature.

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A: To go through your husband’s phone, wake him up to fight about a picture you saw there, then throw him out of your house: That sounds like an overreaction to me.

There’s nothing wrong, necessarily, with what you felt—even if it’s not the picture of fairness, I can understand feeling jealous, hurt, insecure, or betrayed about a spouse’s masturbatory habits, particularly if they involve a mutual friend.


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