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If you’d never think of Puritans as the type of folks who’d chat openly and explicitly about sex, you’d be wrong.Bremer, a professor emeritus of history at Millersville University in Pennsylvania, has worked on 16 books about Puritanism.He’s taking a trip out to the Old South Meeting House to dispel myths surrounding the Puritans’ strict and prudish reputation by informing the New Englanders of today about the Puritans’ happy and fulfilling sex lives.“They talk about the duty to desire, that you’re supposed to engage in intercourse with your married partner and that this is good,” says Bremer.You quickly learn their names and identities ("real" or not), so although you have to pay attention, it's never hard to know who's talking (and cross-talking).Psychologically astute, the writer manages to compress a lot of humor, human frailty, and sexual action and innuendo into a memorable and fun narrative.As a gay-owned company, Le Limo has been at the forefront of wedding services to the LGBT community.


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