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That effort is so single-minded I can't decide if it's timid or bold. It's available on both Android phones and i Phones.

When you sign up, the app checks your phone number from your SIM and then sends you a confirmation text.

“When I saw [the app for the first time], I said, ‘Shit, I can't believe you actually can't do this yet,’” says Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp.

“Yeah, you can hang out with your buddies in a group chat, yeah you can send somebody a link to a video.

You tap on the face of the person you want to call, they answer, and you have a one-on-one video chat going.

Nobody who uses this app can say that Google didn't achieve its goal of creating a video chat app that's relentlessly, explicitly designed solely for phones.

UPDATE: A live video stream has been posted to Animal Adventure Park’s You Tube page at pm. The feed suddenly went offline Friday at around 5pm.

Millions of people have been tuning in to watch the giraffe give birth.

She said: 'I just hope that he gains recognition for his expertise rather than for this - as great as it all is.'Professor Kelly moved to Korea in 2008 to teach political science at Pusan National University, after completing his Ph D at Ohio State University.

Zookeepers in New York are keeping a close eye on April.

The pregnant giraffe is going through some odd positioning, mood changes and significant swelling.

Ellen Kelly, 72, with her husband, Joseph, spoke to Daily and said she could be the reason behind the gaffe.

She said that she regularly Skypes with the children and that 'the kids probably heard voices coming from the computer and assumed it was grandma'Mrs Kelly, the professor's mother, said she and her husband Joseph usually Skype with Robert, his wife Jung-a Kim and the two children from the same place as he was carrying out the BBC interview.'Robert usually Skypes with us from his home office, which is where he did the interview.


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