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Manning is a trans woman who, in a statement the day after sentencing, said she had a female gender identity since childhood, wanted to be known as Chelsea, and desired to begin hormone replacement therapy.

If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. Jimin, a soft-hearted retail supervisor, moonlights as a professional cuddler to buy a new loft.

Kenyon cells express the ACh-processing proteins Ch AT and VACh T, and reducing their expression impairs learned olfactory-driven behavior.

Local ACh application, or direct Kenyon cell activation, evokes activity in mushroom body output neurons (MBONs).

Electromagnetic frequencies are described in units called hertz (Hz).

The energy of electromagnetic radiation is determined by its frequency; ionizing radiation is high frequency, and therefore high energy, whereas non-ionizing radiation is low frequency, and therefore low energy.


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