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Last July a group of us set out to climb the Northwest Buttress of Tenaya Peak, an ultra-classic easy 14 pitch 5.5 route in Tuolumne Meadows.The Fetty Wap rival who got busted for the shootout dropped a string of threats against Fetty months ago ... Raheem Thomas, better known as Fuzz, was leaving Sirius XM studios in NYC in December when he went on a homophobic rant, blasting Fetty's "gay ass" for "blackballing" him and his Muscle Team artists from the music biz.

Armed with my trusty nut tool, it took just 10 minutes of whacking, thumping, and torqueing before I could wiggle the cam into a looser position, trigger the lobes, and remove the precious red Black Diamond #1 C4!" But just as quickly as it showed up -- which was without warning, video teasers or a radio premiere -- the A-Trak-Cam project "Federal Reserve" disappeared. Regardless, we're thankful for "Dipshits," which allowed us to jump in a time machine and rap along without irony, "still Dip Set, you dipshits."9. It's a silly little ditty -- some of the longest words in the song are "Kardashian," "shopping" and "popping." But the hook is what we care about: "I ain't got no type!Rae Sremmurd, "No Type"If "No Flex Zone" was a pizza -- because name a person who doesn't like pizza -- it was the biggest pizza in the world. Bad bitches is the only thing that I like / You ain't got no life: cups with the ice and we do this every night." "No Type" is an anthem for the Millennials or maybe just the nation or the world or whatever.Fuzz believes he's done a lot to boost Fetty's career, but he's getting nothing in return.Also, there's clearly a very intense Paterson, NJ turf war, and he says he's not going to lift a finger to save Fetty's ass.Not only did A-Trak deliver classic Cam lyrics, but the song was powerfully co-produced by Just Blaze (who for a long time didn't mess with Cam), featured Juelz Santana on the hook (complete with is trademark ad-libs), and dedicated an entire breakdown at the end for Dame Dash to talk that vintage Dame Dash talk.


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