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When it comes to "Sara," as most people in Israel refer to her, salacious gossip and anonymous leaks are the coin of the realm.Very few people in a position to really know talk about her, and certainly not on the record.While many scholars have assumed sacred prostitution was practiced in ancient Israel, too, the recent BAR article “Cult Prostitution in Ancient Israel?

According to Genesis 38, the unsuspecting Judah mistook his daughter-in-law Tamar for a veiled “prostitute” (Hebrew ).

For her services, Judah promised Tamar a sheep and gave her his seal as assurance the debt would be honored.

When Judah’s friend returned to redeem the pledge, he asked in a nearby village where he could find the (a Hebrew word most Bibles translate as “cult prostitute”).

As a couple, how do we best steward this amazing gift that God has given to us?

I'm going to speak to the husbands, and my wife, Erin, will speak to the wives in a different article.


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    In December 2001, following a short secondment developing care pathways, she secured the post of Clinical Nurse Specialist for Fertility.

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