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At the water’s edge, armed Libyan smugglers pumped air into thirty-foot rubber dinghies.

Some three thousand refugees and migrants, mostly sub-Saharan Africans, silent and barefoot, stood nearby in rows of ten. The Libyans ordered male migrants to carry the inflated boats into the water, thirty on each side.

There's a general outcry by most of the trans community for more representation of them as just regular people - just like not every female character's story has to be about battling sexism or traditional gender roles, some trans people too would like to see themselves depicted in all traditional narratives. people pretending to be trans for various reasons, say seeking undeserved attention.

This outcry is not universal however, and some groups actively fight for the opposite, i.e. Most transgender people don't like them, since by association they will be taken less seriously ("You're just pretending! Note that, despite the trope name, the correct term is transgender, not transsexual.

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It was close to midnight on the coast of Libya, a few miles west of Tripoli.

hormone replacement, surgery, etc.) to help mitigate it, but others don't have it, don't have access to treatment, or choose to not undergo treatment for various reasons.

Transgender people aren't a new group; their existence has been documented as far back as the Roman Empire, but they're often disadvantaged or discriminated against in their respective societies, which clouded their visibility in the past.

People in the center would suffer chemical burns if the fuel leaked and mixed with water.

They're often used as a source of interesting Conflict in a story, partly because coming-out stories can depict change more visually.

See the Useful Notes on Transgender people for a more Real Life-oriented and complete description.

She wondered if God had visited her mother in dreams and shown her that she was alive. The Mediterranean route has also become a kind of pressure-release valve for countries affected by corruption and extreme inequality.

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