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Channel 1/Rascal Video is currently all about those secret sex tapes which are popping up more and more, all thanks to more clever technology, Moore's Law and the human desire for instantanious fame. In , now-retired porn blogger Jason Sechrest and director Chi Chi La Rue team up to show all the fun it is to play and win ever-escalating sex dares with your bar buddies.

Last year, the studio scored reality TV celebrity Steven Daigle to helm the very good Steven Daigle XXXposed. These episodes originally ran over on the studio's mebership site -, as an original series on their network. Sechrest's nifty story propels the sexual action starring a powerhouse set of fine porn stars: Steven Daigle, Mitchell Rock, Adam Killian, Conner Habbib and Jimmy Durano.

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After this Daigle turns his attention to Hudson's tight ass, prying it open with moistened fingers.

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