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Right there on the floor where he lay Told him: "Get up," but know that he can't The way he got hit up remind me of Blake Call that boy, the "John Doe," he can not see his face I cannot feel my face, I be so under the influence All of them attempts and them bodies I been doing Braggin' 'bout shit that lil' Shotty 'nem been doing Bitch, we got bodies on bodies, you been knewing My teacher told me I wasn't gon' be shit 'cause I smoked too much weed Crazy 'cause I passed her class with a B She just didn't like me 'cause I hung in the streets And she knew I did dirt with them niggas Same niggas who failed her class, I was puttin' in work with them niggas The nerve of you niggas, talkin' 'bout I ain't on shit You can end up on a shirt with your niggas [Verse 3] Pillow talkin' that shit 'bout who better They talkin' that shit, but whatever She sucked my dick and I swear I just met her She wanna be my bitch, but I swear I won't let her 'Cause I don't got time for you bitches And please don't put your hand out 'cause I don't have a dime for you bitches My nine is extended, so whoever try me gon' get it They see me? " (Gang) [Verse 2] I can't take myself, man, shorty can't take me neither And that bitch say she don't even like niggas Well, that's okay, me neither Shorty, all that faithful shit for the birds, so a bitch won't play me neither I left with the same niggas that I came with 'cause if they don't wanna stay, me neither Shorty all on my dick 'cause I got a lot of money and I'm already knowin' By the age of 13, I was already blowin' By the age of 14, I was already scoring I done seen a lot of shit in my lifetime A lot of hoes, mo' bitches than a lifetime A lot of poles, catch you slippin' and the right time See the light shine, face shot, bitch, your life mine! my dead mans Free my niggas in the can I got shorties who lost homies that's just out here for revenge Bitch, my toolie tucked Bitch, I'm Truey'd up, can't say shit to me I'll get you whacked Features get you taxed, can't get shit for free [Verse 1] I'm coolin' how I be coolin', I got hoes all on my dick They be lying like they know me, tryna pose all in my pics Give these niggas a reason to hate, they be listening to my shit I be doing this shit for y'all and I ain't gon' stop 'till I get rich, bitch Long ass clip, that's 30 Got a body on this bitch, that's dirty Niggas say they want me dead, but I ain't worried 'Cause this .40'll turn a nigga brains to a Mc Flurry I be ridin' with this motherfucker, flyer than a motherfucker Nina so friendly, have you shyer than a motherfucker Pop a lot of pills, I be higher than a motherfucker Bitch, I be outside, I ain't hiding from no motherfucker What's understood ain't gotta be explained If I wasn't in the hood, I'd settle for the fame Told broski, "I'm good, I already got a name" I'll rather buy a chain and a Range, put some things on that bitch Let me sounds rang on that bitch Grab shorty, run a train on that bitch Told 'er: "I just want some brain and that's it 'Cause if you wanna fuck, you gon' have to let gang and 'nem hit!

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My heart immediately sank, and I checked my story, panicking in my head. Now, Snapchatting is usually the first steps of communication with someone you're interested in.

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