The found-footage approach to cinematic narrative is no longer epitomized by “The Blair Witch Project.” Amateur-quality camerawork has become a part of the vernacular, with the first-person perspective providing an intimate window into human behavior, particularly among the youth culture most capable of using the device to record itself.

Shot exclusively on i Phones, “King Kelly” turns that tendency into an American horror show, delivering a ferocious indictment of Generation Me by boiling it down to a single ditzy teen.

Police took to social media this afternoon to show the 00 fine the driver copped when he was caught doing 153km/h in a 110km/h zone along the Minilya-Exmouth Road in the North West Cape.

The driver’s excuse: “I’m in a rush to get to the airport.”“Bad way to end your holiday.

Shot exclusively on i Phones, the SXSW discovery “King Kelly” delivers a “ferocious indictment of Generation Me by boiling it down to a single ditzy teen,” according to Indiewire’s Eric Kohn who gave Andrew Neel’s satire a glowing A- at this year’s festival.

The film centers on Kelly (Louisa Krause), who runs an online sex show in the bedroom of her suburban home, unbeknownst to her clueless parents.

It is understood he had surgery to relieve pressure on his brain.

Forensic officers examined the scene yesterday and found what was believed to be blood from the victim on the road.

Kelly, and her sister Angela, get into a bitter argument that culminates in Angela revealing Kelly’s dark secret to the entire family. She is then picked up by her best friend Jordan who tries to console her and before they leave, Kelly makes a melodramatic ‘diary entry’ to her i Phone.

Not only was the Honda not licensed, the driver was also using a mobile phone while a six-year-old passenger jumped around unrestrained on the back seat as the car made its way through peak-hour traffic.

Police were unapologetic about their Twitter post: “Peak hour 6 yr old jumping on back seat unrestrained, using your phone and unlic veh - parenting needs work.”The driver was fined 0 for using an unlicensed vehicle, 0 for failing to ensure a young passenger was using a seatbelt and 0 for using the phone. Meanwhile, a driver in a very big hurry to end his holiday is now counting the cost of speeding after Pannawonica Police clocked his car at more than 40km/h over the limit. It also cost the driver of the Toyota Corolla seven demerit points.

Hustler has already seen significant returns after launching a bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin payment gateway last month.

Due to bitcoin’s peer-to-peer nature, many online sex-show “camgirls” have also recently taken to encouraging bitcoin payments, as it removes the frequent headaches and massive fees of dealing with adult-content friendly payment processors.


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