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*On presentation of an attestation of attendance at university or a student card for 18-21-year-olds.Single father Dan Burns dedicates his life to his children, but one day he meets Marie at a bookstore.Whitney welcomes one-time flame Sada to town and the girls waste no time getting reacquainted, but their hot weekend together ends all too quickly and just as Whitney says goodbye to her, another former flame arrives in town indefinitely and did we mention flame number three, Romi?After a wild night out with friends, Rose dutifully returns home to Natalie, her girlfriend of seven months.essa messangem aĆ­ em cima, foi a ultima carta que ela me enviou, e tem outra coisa pessoal, ela so manda email, nunca conversa com a gente online, embora muitas vezes elas estejam online, nunca conversa com a gente,foi apartir dai que eu comecei a desconfiar.

While the plot is not particularly complicated or exceptionally new, the story unfolds in a way that feels fresh, unique, and distinctly "indy" in style.

It isn't something that can easily be compared to films of the past, it's a unique take on a sort of classic middle-aged depressed love story.

I was particularly struck by the casting of the film.

Down to every last extra in the family, it was a beautiful and talented cast.

The Real L Word is an American reality television series aired on the cable station Showtime, where it premiered on June 20, 2010.


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