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Sure you’ll laugh, maybe even share them – but then you’ll forget them.But would you forget a meme with your own face on it? Which is why it’s totally amazing that there is now a Facebook bot that will take your photo and turn you into your very own meme.Some of the steps are optional, and some steps can be performed in different ways than how I do it or in a different order.My methods are probably not the fastest possible, but if you follow them to the letter there shouldn't be any problems.Before you start, I recommend reading through the whole process at least once to get an idea of what needs to get done and how much work this entails.You'll probably want to do this several times during the process (at the very least, when you start gathering and when you're ready to upload), so it's at the top.Abby Ohlheiser of The Washington Post theorized that Tay's research team, including editorial staff, had started to influence or edit Tay's tweets at some point that day, pointing to examples of almost identical replies by Tay, asserting that "Gamer Gate sux.All genders are equal and should be treated fairly." Madhumita Murgia of The Telegraph called Tay "a public relations disaster", and suggested that Microsoft's strategy would be "to label the debacle a well-meaning experiment gone wrong, and ignite a debate about the hatefulness of Twitter users." However, Murgia described the bigger issue as Tay being "artificial intelligence at its very worst - and it's only the beginning".

Just when you think you’ve reached the pinnacle of earth friendliness, there’s always more to do. Why shame ourselves when we can get a chat bot to do it for us?

If you're not sure about any part of uploading process, come to chat and discuss it with us.

This process is what I follow to upload images to the bot.

All the software I link to is freeware that has worked for me.

A small number of things (mostly command-line) may only work on Windows; if you use a different operating system it should not be hard to modify these to the correct version for your OS.


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