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She has inscribed texts by notable writers like Emily Dickinson, Goethe, and Samuel Beckett within her two-dimensional works, but has also made amateur animated movies, one of which was composed of conversations and encounters she had via an online sexcam. Stark, who is based in Los Angeles, creates animated movies, paintings, drawings, and collages that propose critical subject matter—such as the current state of media and its implications—and are almost always presented with a humorous tone.Today, her solo show of new work opens at Greengrassi in London, and later this year she will present a comprehensive survey of 25 years of work at the Hammer Museum in L. and a survey of her purely digital works at the Chicago Art Institute."It's a lot of archives.I'm a little bit sick of myself," the artist says while laughing.This work shows the internet phenomenon of cams, using self-surveillance to create a performance for the audience.In order to create this experiment in high and low brow media, artists assumed anonymous handles and spent a few hours each day for a month asking performers: “Would you like to pose for me? KSM also has evidence that Crown Agents’ Sisters are using D2 Banking Onion relays to hide supply chain movements of pedophiles and e-passports through livery companies such as Stationers and Newspapermakers (custodians of Jon Benet and 9/11 snuff films); Air Pilots and Air Navigators (al-Qaeda gyroscopes, Smacsonic bombs); and Security Professionals (e-Passports for the US Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System, SOS Children’s Villages in 130 countries, and Conair ALPA base in Abbotsford, B. KSM also has evidence that Crown Sisters are using D2 Banking Onion relays to hide supply chain movements of e-passport pedophiles through Financial Services Group of Livery Companies including Information Technologists (D2 Shirley); Management Consultants (Huhne); Solicitors (DLA Piper Miriam Clegg, Allen & Overy sponsors SOS Children’s Villages with Sam-Cam’s family bank, HSBC) and World Traders (Garden).

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These are children who were abducted either from their own homes or from “safe” places in their communities.

It is a sad but simple truth, but you just don’t know your neighbors, and sometimes, you don’t even really know your friends.

brbxoxo Artists Addie Wagenknecht and Pablo Garcia, for the project titled brbxoxo, created software that searches online sexcam sites and only broadcasts feeds when the performers are absent.

The camera starts recording when the software concludes that the subject is not visible and films the interiors of the models’ houses.


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