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We know scammers love spyware so they can see what people are doing on their computers – now they’re going one step further and using webcam photos or videos to blackmail victims. 1) Ransomware It’s a new version of the AFP computer seizure scam where a pop-up message claims your computer has been frozen by the Australian Federal Police and you need to pay a fine by Ukash to unlock it.

WA Scam Net understands the scammers activate the pop-up through keywords that people might feel guilty about typing e.g. or in response to illegal downloading of music or movies.

Is it possible to broadcast an msn webcam session to other msn users in real time? Everyone i had asked said this wasn't possible, but in an idle moment i done a google search and this site came up first!

I heard this could be done by pressing "prnt Scr" and then pressing 3 keys simultaiously but i was not told which keys. Just the same way as u should not give a stranger a ride in your car, u should not "show" yoursely to strangers if u do not want it recorded! Just goes to show ...whether it'll make me think twice what i'm doing on web cam is another matter ! Thanks John for taking the time and trouble to post up all the links, instructions and downloads.

We’ve seen her do naked yoga and read the news in a see-through dress.

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It is able to capture a part of the screen and save it as an AVI (movie) file, so you can also use it in combination with Yahoo! The new version, now shareware, can also record audio which is not possible with the freeware version. Slows down PC (especially when recording large areas, but what would you expect when its taking screenshots all the time) PS: Nice of you to mirror it. is it possible for someone in the net to intercept my webcam even he/she is not invited? Or if 20 people are in the same room, all watching?

Does the recipient seem like someone who would publish your nudes as revenge or use them as blackmail?

Do they seem like they take basic security precautions with their devices (see: tip #2)? You can use apps that employ the most secure end-to-end encryption available, but it won’t matter if the person on the other end takes a screenshot, and “accidentally” posts it to Twitter.

This article describes the use of the freeware version, 1.5a, of Bulent's screen recorder. Easy to setup and use thought it has lots of preferences (which i like). Saved me a search :) Hey, the Bulent's Screen Recorder seemed real nice, but i'm not sure if I made it work properly. Hi Andre, My best guess is that changing to a different video player might make it possible to capture the video, since I think the player writes directly to your videocard and hence making capturing impossible. Great Program but can some1 please tell me how to play the file in windows media player after i have recorded it. I decided to publish this article for two reasons: first, I wanted to explain that this can be done, and how.

I tried to capture a file played in a little window and chose "full desktop" from source. i am using microsoft video 1 and get the error message i\one or more of the required codecs required are missing. Second, to make very clear that this can be done, and is even extremely easy to do so. Removing "these programs" is not going to work, a program for recording a part of the screen is just a program.


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