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,' and I don't always have an answer,” she continued, tears in her eyes."I just realized I had to let something go."Tyler also recently made her feature directorial debut with "Axis," which she said prompted a realization about the trajectory of her career and the current significance of female directors.You don't just go in without knowing what's going on. Why would we address a real world terrorist situation?"When my husband and I were dating and living in Oakland, we used to get chased down the street," recalls Tyler, who returned for her fourth season on the popular daytime gabfest (now in its fifth year) last month."Change Of Heart" shifted production to New York in part because "the pool" of suitable TV daters in Los Angeles is running too low. Domestic Television, was "the only game in town," there never was a problem signing up participants for the show, according to executive producer Scott St. He and his producers could go to clubs singles joints to pick out prospective "change of hearters" without fear of competition. John explained at the opening day of the Television Critics tour in Pasadena on Monday, "You start off as the only game in town and going to these venues, then you see four or five competing shows turning up at the same events." Of course, that was not the only reason for moving the show from Los Angeles to the Big Apple, he said, but it certainly played a big part.Archer said himself in the first episode this season, everything just kind of works out for him without him trying.Lana's the one that reads the briefing manual and knows what's going on so she's an excellent parent.

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The spy agency formerly called ISIS has now been taken over by the CIA, as a way for the creators to subtly remove the initials now associated with real life terrorists."We’ve had babies and weddings, and you know good things have happened, and you know I went through the biggest breakup of my life with you. Guff landed a one-on-one interview with Tyler after the Archer panel for the Television Critics Association last weekend.Still, whether it's Ferguson or continued opposition to marriage equality, the comedian isn't joking when she notes "recent events have shown we're not there yet." "The same arguments people [were] using against interracial marriage are the same ones they're using against gay marriage now," says Tyler."That it would undermine traditional marriage, that it wouldn't work. That's when actress Aisha Tyler says she'll depart the show after six seasons.


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