An unexpected error occurred while updating required files sc2

I even tried using the Repair option in the launcher but it doesn't do anything... :(Btw, my specs are: Intel i5 processor (first gen)Nvidia Geforce GT 320M4 GB Ram DDR3I can't get my launcher to download the 2.0.4 patch... Remove (loosen) four screws securing the hard drive and memory cover. Slide the HDD 1 to the left until it’s disconnected from the motherboard and remove it. Disconnect two antenna cables from the wireless card. No updates are necessary to this replicant network/local security database.Explanation: Any action to correct the problem should be performed on that computer.Some of you may still remember: By using the app, Twitter users who had opted in could see messages sent to our support team's channels and jump right into the conversation, potentially solving other players' issues even before a moderator could get back to them.

Now when I start Starcraft 2, instead of downloading the patch, the PLAY button becomes yellow...As of yet don't have an ETA on the fix but will keep you updated. I can't get my launcher to download the 2.0.4 patch...On my 8th hour if you can believe it trying to install SCII.Now i get home and what do you know it, my sister bought me SCII. The Updates begin downloading at a snails pace, 40 mb took like 25 minutes.For details on CROWDS and how to use the app, be sure to check out our support site article. Hey guys, We are aware of player receiving an "Installation is Damaged" error following today's patch.


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