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Actors who have worked with Horikita before had noted she had almost never went out to eat with them and frequently used the excuse “I’m feeling a bit sick, I really want to go out, but I can’t.” Friends worry she’s too introverted and hope she’ll venture out a little more.

In recent news Yui Aragaki, Mirei Kiritani, and Mari Hoshino were all revealed to have introverted personalities and claim to have only a small circle of friends.

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She is best remembered for her television commercials for Fujifilm(where she appeared alongside Japanese idol Tomoya Nagase) and Lotte.

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It was revealed that Horikita is just a little too introverted, and it worries fellow actors, considering her high profile stardom.

In the following year, she won her second Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Kurosagi.

Months later, she was given the lead role for Teppan Shoujo Akane and the role of a bully who is behind a class rebellion in Seito Shokun!

Horikita recently attended the in a gorgeous navy blue velour diamond dress and shyly admitted preferring sweatpants and being surprised she was being honored with a style award.

When asked about her plans for Christmas, she replied “I’ll be watching the final episode of ” when the press pushed “.. ” Horikita replied “Alone.” The rumors of Horikita being romantically linked to Sho Sakurai of Arashi and comedian Shingo Fujimori were swept aside as evidence had never been unearthed of the connection.


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