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Please enter your in the format shown so we can move on! Please enter your in with English letters only so we can move on! There are several reasons why you might be due a tax refund. We keep things simple by offering a range of user-friendly tax refund calculators which give you an instant tax refund estimation.

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If a victim decides to pursue a civil case against an offender, you'll need to understand the civil court system so you can tell the victim what to expect.

Provides an overview of the criminal justice process.

Due to the cost implications for claiming inputs that are later disallowed, it is our view that you apply to SARS for a VAT ruling in terms of section 41B Vat Act or a directive under section 20(7) VAT Act to minimise the risk to the vendor, especially as he would have 5 years to claim the input should SARS give a positive ruling.

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Rolled oats are often called Porridge Oats, Flaked Oats, Quick Oats or Superfast Oats but are usually the same type of product.

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The invoices for expenses over R5000 do not have a VAT number on them as these were invoiced prior to the company being registered for VAT.


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