Battlefield veteran status not updating

It also unlocks two variants of the M1911, the tact and suppressed versions.

If you attempt to, it should say that your account doesn't exist. The World Champion did that years ago and never played it once.

Certain games offer rewards based on your Veteran status, Bad Company 2 for example gave you the M1 Garand for use in the multiplayer.

All Battlefield games onward from Battlefield 2 (expansions as well) count towards your status but I think there are only a few (maybe four like agent said) that actually make use of it (that being displaying your status in game or giving you a reward) Originally I think you had to register the game to your account on but now a lot of it is tracked automatically based on whether you have multiplayer stats on the EA servers.

To get Veteran bonus, especially the scope for .44 Magnum, will it be sufficient to visit a friend, who has bf3 (or any other part) on his console/pc and log in with my account? The thirst for good gameplay that I have planted will infest MGO3. The Rebalance Mod will unleash that thirst unto the future.

..would I also have to play a certain amount of time, in order to get Veteran objects at bf4? I play BF4 on PS4 and it is the first title of battlefield series I own.


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