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We see everything from the lens of our ego, which desires things to be different.

Consequently, our actions become unwholesome and harm us and our significant other.

This post simply attempts to fit dating into a Zen and Buddhist lifestyle paradigm and give over some lessons I’ve learned over time. I wrote it so that I don’t forget the lessons I’ve learned. You should always only apply what does resonate with you.

Well, wonder no more – here are the rules to dating according to Buddha.

I haven't looked at many online dating statistics but would gladly bet money that couples who get together on these sites look eerily like old photos of both party's previous relationships.

In fact, I once went out to dinner with an ex and her new boyfriend that she met on, and when placed across the table from one another, they new guy and I looked exactly the same with our fuzzy blondish hair, glasses, and matching turtleneck sweaters.

But from my perspective, it will help me attract the girl.

Being in a bad relationship can take its toll on your health and be in a good relationship is associated with many health benefits.


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