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This feels really great and it's super hot and all, but we probably look like idiots right now. If someone walked in right now, they'd probably just laugh. After he entered the home, Candelaria stepped over a doggie gate and quickly walked through the house where he picked up the items, all worth a few thousand dollars, according to KRQE News 13.Homeowner Rick Shean, told the station that he and his wife had just gotten their dog Luna and were checking their home surveillance video to see how she was.Tell your guy you're in control tonight and set the pace.Bambi & Jane both have some of the biggest ass's we've seen in quite some time and their both bisexual nymphs which makes it that much better.Rico is finally back in the mix and brings this freaky college student to the hotel and gives her a nice long workout.She has a huge chocolate ass and when you see it bouncing up and down on 9 inch's of dick its absolutely amazing, these 2 went at it for quite a while, they were having fun and enjoying fucking each other, he finish's her off shooting a huge load of cum in her mouth, hot scene!

As he approaches the house, Luna can be seen running to the door, alarmed.And then I'd be like, "What are you doing in my bedroom? The dog, named Luna, ran away when she heard a man breaking into her owner's Albuquerque, New Mexico house by squeezing in through her doggie door.Try moving so that your back is almost touching his front and have him hook his arms around your waist.It's hard for him to go fast and furious when you're this close together.Both girls take time pleasing each other while Rico rams his 9 inch's in both of them non stop, Jane finish's him off swallowing a huge load of cum.


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