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Once you boot in, you can use Acer e Settings Management to reset the BIOS password.The acronym BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System.This BIOS software is generally protected and secured by some password.Because it is a common tendency for any person to forget passwords, this article specifically discusses about resetting or recovering BIOS password of any Acer computer or laptop.

This method will work only if you can boot into your Acer computer.

It is in a format that I do not recognize and either does my operating system. Would some explain to me how I would install the CAP file to update my BIOS.

As I mentioned earlier, the computer without software (or firmware) is essentially useless.

" Here is Tyan's BIOS updates warning: Please be aware that by downloading this BIOS package you agree that in the event of a BIOS flash failure, you must contact your dealer for a replacement BIOS. Tyan does not have a policy of replacing BIOS chips directly with end users.

Flashing a BIOS should only be attempted by a qualified technician.


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