Bisexual husbands dating sites

Since 1984, I have counseled nearly 100,000 women who discovered after they got married that their husbands were gay/bisexual.

Why would we think that a gay man would want to marry a straight woman?

They hoped that marriage to a woman would make those nagging attractions to men go away. When a woman learns that her husband is gay/bisexual, she goes through a myriad of emotions ranging from devastation to repulsion. For a time it works, but then nature kicks in and your husband has to face it. It is easy for them to lie to you when they keep lying to themselves.

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is an Online Dating Community with Bisexual Personals for Bisexual, Bi-curious, and Open-Minded Individuals.

With 831,211 members and growing, there's always somebody for you to chat with or hook up with!

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