Black flavor love dating lil wayne

She beat out New York on “Flavor of Love”, who was back for a second time.

Flav was looking for someone who truly liked him and Deelishis seemed to. He said she was too busy with her new clothing line.

I think the most annoying aspect of Jay has to be his unbelievably large ego.

Skylar Diggins The rumor goes that Lil Wayne and the beautiful athlete Skylar Diggins once dated.People who might have watched the trailer, or the promotional materials probably never expected it to become the hit that it was.Thanks to the vivid character of William Drayton, also known as Flavor Flav, the Public Enemy Hype Man, went through three seasons, over 65 women, and ended with none of them; surprising all when he proposed to the mother of his youngest child..In May of 2011, he was arrested due to outstanding misdemeanors for driving violations, and almost a year later he might face legal trouble for not paying child support. In his first season, he dwindled down the competition of twenty women to Nicole Alexander, a woman he dubbed as Hoopz.After Flavor of Love, Hoopz was featured in over a dozen magazines and gossiped to be linked to some of the top names in Hip Hop. When Brooke Thompson appeared on the first season of “Flavor of Love,” she probably didn’t realize that she would fall into eternal infamy when her tensions between fellow reality contestant, New York, got her so mad that she could spit. Being eliminated off of the show for having a past in reality television, she continued to do more reality television.She says he changed his telephone number and was more interested in doing a third season of “Flavor of Love” than in being with her.


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