Brandi andres dating

Brandi happily admitted to Andre that the 'only guys I make out with are 20 to 25, or they're in their 50s', and she also insisted she was relieved to miss out on the group's final dinner on their away trip.

In fact Brandi's luck in love did not extend to Lisa herself, with her attempts at apologizing for jokingly slapping her face the previous evening - even buying her flowers - clearly falling on deaf ears.

Villagomez reportedly posted naked pictures of Vela online, while Romero allegedly harassed Vela through constant calls and threatening text messages.

Donald Friese, known on social media as DJ, took the photo as a mirror pic and posted it to his Instagram account, where he is followed by just over 4k people.

The caption read: 'Loving my V-Day Present #reflection #nofilter #bodyart.'In an interview with Hollywood Today Live, Glanville dished about her new man, which she has several different names for: 'Mr.

A photo posted by Brandi Glanville (@brandiglanville) on Basically, Brandi Glanville is sharing that they are just friends now.

They are getting along great and still spending time together, but Brandi and Calum are obviously not together.


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