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To insure that this is not occurring, you will need to export the calendar to an ICS file and import it into a test account.

If Free/Busy issue still occur on the test account, please open a support case and include the ics file for review. Within /opt/zimbra/docs/file there is an examples the soap call that is performed, the following is the snip it of the example: 2015-07-23 ,227 TRACE [qtp509886383-296252:https://10.43/service/soap/Get Free Busy Request] [[email protected];;mid=9;ip=.805;ua=Zimbra Web Client - FF39 (Mac)/8.6.0_GA_1169;] soap - C: If the system is configured for SSL, Outlook 2013 has a known bug that limits the free/busy string.

You can apply that same permission in the Exchange Management Shell using the Set-Mailbox Folder Permission cmdlet (note: Set-Mailbox Folder Permission modifies an existing entry, whereas Add-Mailbox Folder Permission would be used to add a new entry to the permissions).

Get-Mailbox Folder Permission homeetingroom1:\Calendar Runspace Id : 8706cde4-2cb5-4519-9a46-a46fcc0c450c Folder Name : Calendar User : Default Access Rights : Identity : Default Is Valid : True Runspace Id : 8706cde4-2cb5-4519-9a46-a46fcc0c450c Folder Name : Calendar User : Anonymous Access Rights : Identity : Anonymous Is Valid : True When creating a new meeting request users are now able to see more details about the meeting organizer.

[email protected]&s=1437071121000&e=1442427921000] [] fb - can't find free/busy provider for user [email protected] the case where both accounts do not reside on the same server, you will need to insure that the system has the ability to send the request between each server.

If port 8443/443 or 8080/80 is inaccessible then the attempt will also fail.

Instead of deleting invitations from Outlook, we suggest you move them to your Archive folder.

Choosing Tentative or Out of Office status for a calendar event appears as Busy to other users viewing your status.

This is because Google Calendar supports only Free or Busy status, not these other alternatives.

We contacted Microsoft to find the very easy solution to this problem.

Our versions of office were downloaded from Microsoft’s site that came part of Dell computers we buy.


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