California mandating

But despite repeated bipartisan efforts, auto-IRA legislation hasn't been approved by Congress.

earlier this month, would require Web-connected device manufacturers to equip devices with reasonable security features and obtain consent to use consumer information.

A teacher must report to child welfare authorities if they know of a child attending school who appears to be malnourished or has bruising, complains of neglect, or otherwise demonstrates signs of neglect or abuse at home.

California is about to give millions of workers a big boost toward retirement security. The Secure Choice plan would require small employers to auto-enroll workers in an IRA.

These include health assessments and treatments required for students with disabilities, as indicated by a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) and as outlined in IDEA.

School nurses, school psychologists, speech therapists and other health professionals may be involved in both initial and triennial special education health assessments, as well as indicated treatments, such as gastric tube feedings or catheterizations.

All told, at least 30 states are in various stages of setting up retirement plans—some mandatory for employers and some voluntary—according to the Georgetown University Center for Retirement Initiatives.With the launch of California Secure Choice, the movement is approaching critical mass."California is a game-changer," says Georgetown Center executive director Angela Antonelli, who expects the program will bring national attention to the retirement coverage gap.The technologies are tried and true and we need to think about fully adopting it for our buildings.”The high average cost of construction in California compared to other states could create some backlash for the bill.Senator Scott Wiener, who introduced the bill, told the San Francisco Chronicle, “It either pays for itself over time or you don’t even have to own the panels.A law based on California’s Senate Bill 327 could significantly impact the entire Io T industry and not merely the largest players and products such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, or connected cars and wearables.


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