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As the New York Daily News reports, Mill over the weekend posted a clip to his Instagram Story in which the rapper can be heard telling the man to perform a set of 10 pushups for the .In the clip, Mill explains that he didn’t want to be “giving out no free money.” “No, no, no, give me 10 pushups and I’ll give you right now,” he says in the video. Go ahead.” Another video (the two are edited together above) shows the unidentified man dropping to the ground to perform 20 pushups as Mill counts each one out.He’s getting closer to it and he’s getting it — I can’t do this job, I’m incompetent, I haven’t got the right experience …and he’s becoming paranoid and very like Nixon was, except Nixon was already president when he got paranoid. Somebody this morning, Bill Carter on CNN was saying, he’s already got an enemies list that Nixon had. He’s got an enemies list already, this one’s a sleaze, this one’s after him.At 1 in the morning, he can lie down at midcourt, using the ball as his throw pillow, and piece together the last five years. It took him five years to get this done, to become not only his universitys most accomplished player, but also its most resilient. Those are the names of Dixons parents, both dead of complications from AIDS. They said goodbye to his field house the other night, after 47 years. The first time Maryland laid eyes on him, he was a 140-pound stick figure who could score.Only Juan Dixon has a video library of every Maryland game this season. And those are the reasons the son they left behind is the most tough-minded player in college basketball. I mean, if thats their way to get me out of my game, then next time they better be careful. Today, hes a 165-pound stick figure who did score: 2,000 points and counting.

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His suitemate has a key to Cole Field House, which means life is good. At 1 in the morning, he can shut his eyes in that field house and think of everything and nothing.

That video, however, does not show whether Mill gave the man any money.

Instagram Story videos expire after 24 hours, but fans captured the clips and upload them online.

And now heres Dixon maybe surpassing Bias as the greatest Terp of all time.

Could be, says his coach, Gary Williams, when asked if thats a fair assessment.


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