Dating an older gemini man

He doesn’t belong to any one place or any one person and continues to feel this separation until he finds that one woman who can hold onto his heart and definitely, the sensitive Cancer woman is one such lady.

You’ll have to be on your toes to keep up with her.

He seem to need more mental stimulation, just always wants to talk. Honestly though you could find examples of this with guys of any sign. Hang in there girl, there's plenty of genuine guys out there. Me being an Aries woman have always had a problem with his flirtatious ways, he has always been a player since I knew him.

He has become my best friend so I try to look past this so called minor problem. When he does something wrong, if I show a good point on why he's wrong, he usually stop what he's done wrong dead in his tracks. I agree, it all depends on the man, not the sign when it comes to cheating, or leaving. Nothing makes them run away faster than a pregnancy if they aren't mentally responsible. But I thought things were different since we have a family now and are getting married.

In a relationship of Gemini and Cancer, Gemini always has a lot to learn from Cancer.

Though it is usually a nice relationship, but when it comes to love, their needs are very different.


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