Dating anniversary 3 month gifts

Internet is full of "Wedding Anniversaries" but there is little information on "Dating Anniversaries". But you forgot:1st week1st restaurant you ate at1st movie you went to (of course saving the ticket stub)1st time he came to your house1st time you went to his house1st song you heard together on the radio1st sex (day, hour and minute should be recorded there)1st red light you got stopped at1st grocery store you went to together1st time you cooked for each other1st bottle of wine you drank (keeping the cork and making one of those drippy candle things out of the bottle)Jewelry is always appropriate for any of the above. I suppose Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, etc are all bad ideas too?

What are appropriate "Dating anniversary" milestones. My daughter says 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month anniversaries are good. "Just buy me gifts everyday for no reason." Would you like to know what my last three years financial statements are and what my BMW is worth before we start dating? I would buy you a flower every day because I sense that it would put a smile on your face and you'd appreciate it.

Stick with one, mix them up or pick and choose your favorites.

Each Anniversary Year has its own meaning behind the gift and we have added those to each of our gift ideas, we think it makes your gifts even more special.

He or she might take offense if they don’t see the gift with the same sense of humor as you do or if she was expecting jewelry and gets a gag gift – in either case you could be in the dog house.

If however you know you partner will enjoy the joke go for it.

Other cute anniversary gifts include split heart keychains, photo pendants, and engraved money clips that will let you carry your love with you wherever you go.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. kinda sounds like alcoholics anonymous (not that I would know). I got thrown a "happy anniversary" on the WEEK of our first phone call... lol You meet someone and date for a month and instead of saying "You know what? Lets call the days I just go out and buy you a something, "Gift days".

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I suppose Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, etc are all bad ideas too?

And don't forget there is also the Gemstone anniversary gifts by year list too!

How about using the traditional list for your wedding anniversaries and then the modern list for your anniversary of the day you met?

Funny anniversary gifts are great if you are getting a gift for a friend’s anniversary.

Funny gifts are a bit riskier if you are getting an anniversary gift for your partner.


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