Dating european women vs american women

The converse is just as true: If you were Spanish or French and paid a visit to the US, you'd think American women were the most wonderful, approachable women on Earth.

They aren't any different from women anywhere else. I think you might be falling into the trip of believing there's some Utopia out there where women will be absolutely everything you could possibly dream of.

Well, let's have a look at the situation from a different angle, and dig deeper. If you are looking for an attractive slim educated loyal faithful woman of your own age or slightly younger (5-10 years gap), you will find plenty. (If only you are not homeless and jobless because you are principally against of working - but even then, there will be some women who will be willing to take care of you and can even offer you accommodation!

The first thing that I cannot agree with is that you won't be able to find a decent woman in Russia if you are not wealthy. )Can this type of woman correspond the meaning of the word "decent"?

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From what I have seen on this board, American girls are awfully similar to WEST European women. So can't W-European, American girls are on their blackberry all day? I really don't think American women are the only one from my POV.

I think it's the entire Western mentality that is the problem here.

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