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Forget the baby-blue eyes or the long-limbed gracefulness that seems very Old Hollywood and hearken instead back to 2003, when Wood's portrayal of a teenage terror in Thirteen led the better part of a generation to question whether it was a good idea to participate in the propagation of the human race.

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È stata lodata dalla critica per la sua interpretazione in Thirteen - 13 anni (2003), per la quale è stata nominata come migliore attrice protagonista ai Golden Globe e agli Screen Actors Guild Award.

I don't mind being amongst the mad people, I enjoy it.

Only four episodes of the show have been released, but it’s continuing to rake in more views with each airing, meaning there’s no saying how big the series could get. In 2005, Wood began dating British actor Jamie Bell.

"Decent questions, all, and not necessarily rhetorical.

"The showrunners and HBO warned me, ' You know, your life's probably going to change after this,'" she says.


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