Dating sea

But how does one determine an age for the initial set of rocks?

One might assume those ages are obtained either directly or indirectly from radioactive dating techniques.

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Help Spruce the penguin find love on @Plenty Of Fish - Ru Y5m XMXx K8D— Weymouth SEA LIFE (@SEALIFEWeymouth) May 19, 2017They advertised him as a "single penguin looking for chicks" and a family man at heart. His love interest must be willing to move and she has to be the right fit.Field sampling had found variety of marine mollusc fossils such us 1) Sangiran: Dosinia sp., Telescopium telescopium, Anadara sp., and Dosinia insularum; 2) Patiayam (Ancient Muria Strait): Pseudodon vondenbuschianus, Elongaria orientalis, Conus (Pionoconus) sp., Ampullina bandongensis, Anadara pilula and Filopaludina javanica; 3) Grobogan: Antigona chemnitzii, Cultelus dilatatus, Plotia scabra and Tibia modesta.Mollusc fossils sample was analysed using Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (AMS) radiocarbon system. The result showed that Sangiran as an ancient deepsea has fossils age 38710 – 31947 years, then Patiayam (Ancient Muria Strait) with fossils age 26248 – 11994.Their distribution in the fossil record is equally diverse.Indonesia is one of the country with marine mollusc fossil variety, such as in the archaeological site of Sangiran, Patiayam (Ancient Muria Strait) and Grobogan – Central Java.Many Christians are reluctant to accept the Bible’s clear teaching of a recent creation because they believe secular dating methods prove that the earth is extremely old.


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