Dating stanley 110 plane

I like to use old hand planes not collect them and I know someone would much prefer this plane in their collection and I already have something similar so I'm looking to swap for something I don't have ; a longer jointer plane eg.

Stanley number 7 or 8 I can restore this plane if needed or pay a little extra if you think your plane is worth mo Restored genuine Stanley 4.5 size hand plane. Perfect for all round planing, smoothing and jointing.

Stanley Planes 4, 4 1/2, 5 1/2, 110s & 130 from See Pictures.

Original adjustment screw missing, replaced with bolt.

Trying to figure out all the models and differences is maddening.

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Planes, Scrapers & Spokeshaves, and other tools have threaded parts have proprietary & obsolete threads and are not available in hardware stores. To assist you in supplying the right parts for specific models and vintage tools, please provide me with pertinent physical details: markings on the tools -patent dates, trademarks, etc.Any item may be returned, in the same condition as it was received, within 7 days of receipt, for a refund. ), position the frog and lever pivot point in between bench vise jaws.Please contact me by Email or phone for return authorization. Slowly close the jaws, being careful not to touch the actual frog casting, and compress the rivet and lever. The following condition ratings are used to qualify and describe items in a general manner.For detailed specifications on each model, please check my Block Plane Chart and the Block Plane Dating page. Note that the functional groups are not necessarily mutually exclusive. It’s also worth noting that competitors like Millers Falls, Sargent, and others offered comparable models to many of these. Planes are reasonabley priced so don't try to beat me down. Rear side of blade has 10 notches/slots cut into blade for depth adjustment. Vintage 1950's spokeshave wood plane Flat bottom equivalent to Stanley no 151 This one is marked Schft 51 Made in west Germany Very good condition Complete and working Asking just Ono Yes still for sale ad will be deleted when sold Please phone or txt if interested Thankyoumakers mark "B" Appears on cast base and top of blade Have been informed that it is A Soviet Voskov wood plane Equivalent of Stanley no 4 in size Measures 2.5 inch wide base with 2 inch blade width Pale blue colour frog and top of base Total length of base is just under 10 inch Over 50 years old all complete Very good useable condition Asking just Ono Ad will be deleted when sold Please phone or txt if interested Thankyou Vintage Stanley Bailey no four and half wood plane Made in England Heavy duty jack plane Extra wide base measures 3 inches wide by 10 inches long Over 50 years old all complete Very good useable working condition Please phone or txt if interested Ad will be deleted when sold Asking ono STANLEY SURFORM BLOCK PLANE 6" (155mm) long.


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