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We have selected four fragments from Tel Jamous site to determinate their age using thermoluminescence (TL) method; the results revealed that the date assigned by archaeologists was good.

An annular Cd radioactive source was used to irradiate the samples in order to determine their chemical composition and the results were treated statistically using two methods, cluster and factor analysis.

Thermoluminescence (TL) dating and multivariate statistical methods based on radioisotope X-ray fluorescence analysis have been utilized to date and classify Syrian archaeological ceramics fragment from Tel Jamous site.

After crossing the Syrian border and arriving in the nearby town of Jarablus, Khalil was given training by ISIS for a month, before being sent to fight in Kobani.

Khalil was killed on his first day fighting, leaving Mitat alone and pregnant.

Anira Khokhar, speaking for the family, described Yusra as an 'intelligent, beautiful young lady.

The family have lost a daughter and that is the most important thing here,' she said.


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