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This Bottle Typing (Typology) & Diagnostic Shapes section is comprised of a complex of many - often very long - pages which are close to completion.This Bottle Typing section is the last incomplete section of the Historic Bottle Website though it (Bottle Typing) is currently about 98% complete and quite usable.The only way to create lasting change is by sustainably investing in people’s health.

We revisited our vision, mission and Theory of Change and refocused the four cornerstones of our strategy.The shape of an historic bottle is usually indicative of what the bottle was most likely used for, i.e., what it contained.What a bottle was used for is referred to on this website as a "bottle type" or "type of bottle", i.e., liquor, mineral water, druggist, food, etc.Advances in automotive technology over the past century can be marked by distinct innovations.The list includes production firsts for the electric self-starter (1914), automatic transmission (1940), and anti-lock braking (1971). First mass-produced car with lidar (to be determined).Lidar would turn cars into machines keenly aware of their surroundings—with the ability to discern details to the centimeter from 100 meters away.


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