The human brain is designed to do two things: filter out irrelevant information and interpret ambiguous behavior as social exclusion.

You know those people who talk a lot and say nothing? When someone continues to explain something to me I understand as if I don’t after I say, “I understand,” it gives me both the motivation and the time to imagine all the various implements I could use to stab them in the eyeball.

Bio Pharm America has joined with Biotech Week Boston to help delegates get their companies in front of more potential partners.

I recently told two men that I wasn’t going to make plans with them in the near future.

They’re great people, I’m just focusing my time on others right now.

Get to know the ins and outs of their company so that you can smash any curveball they throw into oblivion. Deep down though, they just want to see how much they mean to you/how hard you’re willing to work for it. If you push too hard, the potential client may be turned off by your company.

You fawn over them, you tell them how much you can give them, and they still keep pushing you away. Sometimes you have to give the client some space to breathe and digest the information before you go after them again.


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