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But before dumping mementos and your ex’s stuff on the sidewalk, consider getting paid for it.

Like an e Bay for broken relationships, Never Liked It Anyway is an online marketplace for the jilted, the forsaken and the lovelorn.

A section on the website offers a place where the brokenhearted can recount their stories and unload some emotional baggage too.

“We started Never Liked It Anyway to make moving on easier.

It’s an open sky and although I listen and take other’s opinions into consideration, ultimately, no one can tell me what to do.

I am 100% responsible for my life and I don’t have to deal with anyone else’s ego. There’s power in choosing who to work with and where to spend your energy. Christina: My current focus is in the dating space. A year ago I was working on the development of a women’s lifestyle/movement called Feminine Weapon.

Along with our partners we provide the full circle of space-related services in-house:1) launch vehicles designed and manufactured by EOS to deliver payloads; 2) modern satellite platforms to carry out scientific and commercial tasks in desired orbit; 3) network of private terrestrial satellite stations for tracking the satellites and data retrieving; 4) proprietary satellite data, processed through our unique analytical engine.

Location based features, on-the-go and always online, micro-payments, text messaging, etc.Throughout my twenties I worked for various firms from startups to pharma companies and marketing agencies.After about two years with each, I felt my learnings peaked and that my thoughts were contained. As an entrepreneur I decide when to execute on these thoughts.Christina Weber is an entrepreneur with a background in marketing, event production and community building — and a great career story of gaining amazing corporate experience and listening to her gut.She came to NYC for a job as a media research analyst, but after struggling to pay the rent, she moved into the lucrative world of sales, working for Secondly, matching and searching algorithms have become far more efficient, self-learning and just plain smarter.


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