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(in between = degree of maybe) Go To Scam Review: (10)Dating To Relating - Mr. Rx, (7) Double Your Dating - David Deangelo, (5) The Mystery Method - Mystery, (5)Rules of The Game - Neil Strauss, (4) Speed Seduction - Ross Jeffries, (1) Guy Gets Girl - Tiffany Taylor After three years of testing this is the best system out there for meeting, picking up, and/or relating to women.Way better than its nearest competitor – Double Your Dating . Rx have a better system for meeting and relating to the exact kind of woman that you want to meet. Rx approaches the whole game at a much more basic level that allows you to apply hundreds of situational techniques that are more compatible with personality variables and situational variables then any of the other systems.However, you might not like the man that you become, or the women you end up with. He is trying to modernize his works as he admits “the game is dead” but his new techniques are just as gamy as the old ones and certainly offer no deep level of understanding as does Mr. Rx or the comprehensive information that David Deangelo offers with his Dating Guru Series.IF you simply want to be a pick up artist, then Mystery’ system will work, although you will probably find that Mr. Rx’s system works for PUA’s even better and that you might end up with the kind of a woman you want if you go with Mr. Ross Jeffries was one of the originators of the dating advice community for men on the internet, but I think he has become out of date and compared to writers like Mr. Rx, David Deangelo, and Mystery his materials are less effective in general.It's success led to a follow up ebook as well as CD's, DVD's, live seminars and coaching, propelling De Angelo into the limelight.Some of his courses include Meeting Women Online, Deep Inner Game, Sexual Communication, Cocky Comedy and Body Language.

It was hard for me to meet the girls I wanted to meet, but I did have success after getting this, it helped me meet the girls I wanted to meet and now I have 3 girlfriends who always want to hang out and sleep over.They don't mind me “Dating” different women, they all want a piece of me and I'm just an average guy. I'm getting all his products I think this is Deangelo's best product, I've been getting it for a couple of years now.David De Angelo man, thanks for giving me some game homie! It is really great because it gives you a lot of different techniques from a lot of different dating gurus.While Ross Jeffries might be the self proclaimed “Godfather of Pickup,” I think there are few who would deny that David De Angelo is one the most respected gurus in the dating industry.David De Angelo’s first book Double Your Dating is considered a classic in the community, and introduced the world to the cocky/funny concept that is almost universally accepted as the gold standard of flirting.Dating To Relating can help you 10 x your dating, not just double it. Most of the other systems require you to act a certain way (like cocky and funny) which then consequentially forces you to meet only a certain kind of woman who responds to that technique. This is the #1 system in terms of popularity on the internet. No, not overall – but the only reason that this is the most popular system out there is not because of its workability. So with respect to it’s top position in the internet world. I have been buying and testing David’s products for seven years now, and I have learned a lot from him.


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