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Even unconventionally beautiful actresses (think: Halle Berry) have managed to wow audiences with their performances.

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Many of these actors have put a decade into the MCU and are ready to hang up their capes. Basketballer/civil rights activist Bill Russell won’t sign. Supposedly a retiring player wanted the team to sign as a memento. I don’t know who he thought I was — maybe Gilbert Gottfried? Well, now she does.” One fan: Kevin Spacey was “condescending . In an airport, if a fan’s pestering me, I just say, ‘Catch ya later . And then their pen leaks on you.” So there was the time a guy wanted me to write my name on his card. The man examined it, said, “Oh, Jeez,” crumpled it up and threw it away. From Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, to Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence – there has never been any shortage of ‘beauty with brains’ in the tinsel town of Hollywood.Kate Winslet’s turn as ‘Rose’ in ‘Titanic’ was the starting point of a hugely successful career. Shaquille O’Neal scribbles an S, a line, an O and a line. Back when her signature meant something, Mary Lou Retton barked to those begging for an autograph that “I don’t need you.” Someone less charming and cuddly as myself might mumble: “Yeah? I’m going to believe it was just a bad hemorrhoid flare-up.” A lifetime ago before cellphones, selfies, Skype, texting, Twitter, i Pads, You Tube, Facebook, Bob Hope told me: “I try never to be negative. I’d never refuse an autograph because that’s bad for me. ’ You want to kick ’em right in the ass when they do that. He said: “If I get three of you, then I can trade for one Seinfeld.” Another time I wrote my name.


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