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The particulars of this latest crisis-de-jour aren’t really the point; it’s another BIG PROBLEM to fume and fuss about, another calamity to fret over. You are probably familiar with how these histrionic and havoc-wreaking types act, but have you ever wondered why they act that way?

Someone who turns the most mundane situations into mayhem?

Nevertheless, Kim Woo-Hyun and his team uses a traceroute to locate Hades.

Meanwhile, an online rumor spreads about a sex scandal involving popular actress Shin Hyo-Jung (Esom).

She also enjoys efficiency and having a regular life.

Although she doesn't excel in social settings with other people, her next goal is getting married and having a baby.

Woo-Hyun entered the police academy ranked first and graduated from the academy ranked first.

South Korea, Hong Kong and China all cooperate to arrest those involved with the website at the same time.

When Kim Woo-Hyun and his team raid the location of the site, the data is destroyed by a program set up by Hades.

As adults, these people consciously or subconsciously look for ways to satisfy the hunger for commotion. Healthy people have learned how to just “be”—they know how to enjoy calm moments, savor solitude, and tolerate times of boredom.

Drama queens and crisis kings need turmoil to keep them stimulated and preoccupied.


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