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Because the Board’s Policy stipulates that violations be addressed in accordance with measures prescribed by individual constituent institutions, the following guidelines were developed to insure that both employees and students understand the provisions of the Board of Governors’ Policy, particularly those pertaining to amorous relationships, as well as understand appropriate procedures for addressing concerns about violations of the Policy that may occur at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is misconduct, subject to disciplinary action, for a University employee, incident to any instructional, research, administrative or other University employment responsibility or authority, to evaluate or supervise any enrolled student of the institution with whom he or she has an amorous relationship or to whom he or she is related by blood, law or marriage. It is misconduct, subject to disciplinary action, for a University employee to engage in sexual activity with any enrolled student of the institution, other than his or her spouse, who is a minor below the age of 18 years. “Employee” means any faculty or staff member who engages in instructional or evaluative activities of any student who is enrolled in a course being taught by that individual or whose academic or non-academic work, including work as a teaching or research assistant, is being supervised or evaluated by that individual.

For the purposes of the Board of Governors’ Policy, graduate or undergraduate students are considered employees by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when they are performing official University supervisory or evaluative roles with respect to other students. An “amorous relationship” exists when, without benefit of marriage, two persons as consenting partners (a) have a sexual union or (b) engage in romantic partnering or courtship that may or may not have been consummated sexually. “Evaluate or supervise” means (a) to assess, determine, or influence one’s academic performance, progress, or potential or one’s entitlement to or eligibility for any institutionally conferred right, benefit, or opportunity, or (b) to oversee, manage, or direct one’s academic or other institutionally prescribed activities.

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(6) "Touching" as used in subdivision (5) of this section, means physical contact with another person, whether accomplished directly, through the clothing of the person committing the offense, or through the clothing of the victim. Employs or displays a dangerous or deadly weapon or an article which the other person reasonably believes to be a dangerous or deadly weapon; or b.

Inflicts serious personal injury upon the victim or another person; or c.

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Because many agencies and organizations are involved in injury prevention, Injury and Violence Prevention collaborates with others to enhance the effectiveness of all prevention activity.

In cases where further action is deemed appropriate, sanctions may range from a letter of reprimand to dismissal, all in accordance with applicable University procedures.

If not satisfied with the administrative official’s decision, the faculty or staff member alleged to have violated the Policy may proceed, in accordance with established procedures at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, to the grievance or hearings committees to which he or she otherwise has access.

(2014) conducted a systematic review of 140 outcome evaluations of sexual violence primary prevention strategies in order to assess the quality and depth of evaluation of this field of practice and to provide a summary of the best available research evidence for the effectiveness of the primary prevention programs.

Systematic Qualitative Review of Risk and Protective Factors for Sexual Violence Perpetration Tharp et al.


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