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Which means they now have to stop the single-minded Packard from blasting the monkey to pieces.

Along with the film’s familiar don’t screw with nature messages and observations on how war can make a man see enemies everywhere, Goodman also gets the ironically timely line “Mark my word, there’ll never be a more screwed up time in Washington.” Wasting little time on exposition – or character depth – the film gets on with mounting its spectacular action, introducing docile giant water buffalos, towering killer spiders and a humongous octopus before finally bringing on the lizard-like monsters Marlow calls the Skullcrawlers to raise the bloody body count tally further.

too.# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y ZAbsence of Malice (1981) – Screenwriter Kurt Luedtke received his first Oscar nomination, before he won for 1985’s Best Picture winner; Paul Newman & Melinda Dillon received acting nominations, Sally Field also stars.

Address Unknown (1944) – nominated for Best B&W Art Direction-Interior Decoration and Best Music Score, this World War II drama chronicles the degradation of Martin Schulz (played by Paul Lukas), an American-German art dealer who returns to live in Germany just before the rise of the National Socialist Party.

Duly accomplished by astronaut Rory Adams (Ryan Reynolds), English scientist Hugh Derry (Arlyon Bakare), who, disabled, joined because he doesn’t need a wheelchair in space, sets to work examining the micro-organisms found in the soil and, in the process of experimenting, awakens a single cell from dormancy.

In a celebratory Q&A educational broadcast between the station and Earth, the organism is officially named Calvin and everyone’s very happy.

But then Calvin, a sort of jelly-like squid thing starts growing, and, next thing you know, possibly pissed off at being prodded with an electric wand, it’s mangled Derry’s hands, escaped from the containment chamber and is trapped in the lab with Adams, whose attempts to destroy result in, well let’s just say viewers there or Reynolds might leave early.

Even so, Chris isn’t totally at ease and, even though Dean says that he’s almost embarrassed to fit the cliché of wealthy whites having live-in black servants, handyman Walter (Marcus Henderson) and housekeeper Georgina (Betty Gabriel), but, kept on after caring for his elderly parents, they’re like part of the family, Chris finds their almost zombie-like behaviour a little unsettling.

Likewise, Rose’s spoiled brother Jeremy (Caleb Landry Jones) who reckons Chris’s “genetic makeup” would make him a great MMA fighter and Missy’s insistence on hypnotising him to cure his smoking habit. The visit coinciding with an annual bash when all the rich folks come over the house, Chris feels there’s something familiar about the quietly polite black husband (Lakeith Stanfield) of one of the middle-aged women.


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