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The pidgin English which evolved here was a continue of the pidgin Englishes used all over the West African Coast visited by British Ships. In the early 1980s the oil boom somewhat subsided and there was also economic downturn in Nigeria due to low oil prices, jobs were no longer readily available even for Nigerians.igerian English is the variety of English that has been used in the region of the Niger, West Africa, for purposes of trade since at least the 18th century, at missions since the 19th century, and increasingly in administration, education, media and workplace, especially since the formation of a unified Nigeria in 1914. he English language may only be used sporadically depending on a Nigerian's education level, even the highly educated may not speak it in the home and may only read and write english in the workplace.

In Brazil, some specimens of Arabic script were collected by local scholars since the early 19th century.

shine Bahaushe na farko da ya fara rubuta Wakokinsa da rubutun Boko.

Wannan kuwa ya faru ne, saboda acikin marubuta mawakan Hausa, shine wanda ya fara samun cikakken illimin boko.

All the known Arabic/Ajami manuscripts from the New World demonstrate that the place of Arabic/Ajami written tradition was different from that occupied by Roman-script writing in various European languages.

Even today, neither 'phonemic' Arabic-script alphabets nor ' Ajamization' campaigns can easily change the perception of Arabic script in West Africa.


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