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Author and confirmed pop culture junkie Nathan Rabin, formerly of Perhaps the most insane thing about the Insane Clown Posse is how fiercely devoted a fan base they’ve cultivated over the years.Known far and wide as Juggalos, the group’s followers don’t just listen to ICP, they live and breathe and dress it as well. I’m gonna keep it real I’M NOT HERE LOOKING FOR A F%CK BUDDY SO STOP F%CKING ASKING!!!!!I’m 5'11" with blonde hair and Blue eyes, and I’ve got curves for miles… I’m looking for some one who wants to talk to me for whats on the inside not just whats on the outside there’s so much more to me then the way i look dig deep and you may find some one u really like :) I have 2 children a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son both of there fathers went after something “better”.I love the outdoors camping, bonfires, quads (passenger only lol),and Motorcycles.I love to kick it and party wen the opportunity irises.But unlike some similar festivals, that almost -- if not completely -- hold true to that notion, the Gathering also brings in quite a few artists who are either currently or were once in the public conscious. we're talking rappers you might still be listening to today. And I mean that literally -- camping is free with your ticket here. And while the fest took a brief siesta so that "Grillz" rapper Paul Wall could take the stage, my eyes came across the first half-empty bottle of Faygo thrown in my general direction. This may seem newb-ish, but oftentimes it's as much fun to people-watch as it is to listen to the music at the Gathering.I have never seen a Montana license plate until today.

It brings to mind a very real subculture where greasepaint and violence are staples: I’m talking about fans of the hip-hop duo (originally 2 Dope; Joseph Utsler).While the annual Gather of the Juggalos festival is rife with illegal activity, it’s also where friendships are made. Check out the video advert below, and prepare to bust a gut laughing! If you’re single, and you’re lucky, you might find the Juggalo of your dreams; someone to fall in love with, someone you can raise your very own Insane Posse of little Clowns with. He'll provide daily updates on his travels and catch up with Gathering of the Juggalos performers... I entered the 2011 Gathering quite unsure of what to expect: the aforementioned party? The drive into the grounds was itself an adventure -- a long, winding dirt road with a car whose drivers (and, I'll wager, passengers) had no business driving a car on a straight, paved road let alone one which transported travelers into the Mecca of all Juggalo-kind.But what's been great is that -- and bear with me here, because I'm probably going to be writing this a lot this weekend -- that each and every apprehension I had prior to venturing seven hours southwest is quickly disappearing.To fully grasp the infamy surrounding the fest and the entire Juggalo subculture, one must experience it.


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