Irish dating courtship and marriage

The 16th Century Penal Laws prevented Priests from saying Mass never mind conducting the Sacrament of Marriage. The last of the Penal Laws was not repealed in Ireland until 1920.

Given this background and the unique identity of the native Irish people who were forced to practice their religion 'underground', it is not surprising that an Irish Wedding has a particular identity all of its own and has a number of specific traditions associated with it. In Ireland of centuries ago the most popular day to be married was a Sunday.

Similarly, it became unusual for a couple to be wed in May as this was the traditional start of Summer and was marked by a Pagan feast: Bealtane.

These beliefs are the origin of the old marriage song:       Marry when the year is new, always loving, kind, and true.

Flann O'Brien, Trans Patrck Power, Viking, New York,197379-84 To return to the main menu click here George Ryley Scott, Torchstream Books, London. An interesting reference to bundling as practiced in Ireland occurs in a book entitled The Stranger in Ireland, written by John Carr, who says:" One evening, at an inn where we halted we heard a considerable bustle in the kitchen, and , upon inquiry, I was let into a secret worth knowing.

Click on any link and then shop for whatever you wish - we will still get credit, if you buy something. Did he just propose - or, perhaps in these modern times, did she?

The idea of men being the ‘dominant sex’ was flipped on its head as what we might call ‘second-wave’ feminism became prominent in the US and other parts of the western world.

In the UK at least, fewer couples now get married in a church.

’ asked lots of men in the 1950s—a practice that’s slowly fading out. The idea of ‘wooing’ someone, slowly, over time—usually a man ‘announcing his intentions’ to a woman—is seen as old-fashioned today.

‘Mr Jones, may I have your daughter’s hand in marriage? It could be argued that the way we date has changed almost beyond recognition, driven in large part by looser sexual codes and technology.


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