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And while they may be fast, they never win (so long as you discount the 1994 Los Angeles Marathon). Sometimes Scott’s races overlapped races I wanted to do. I remember seeing Ben Hian on MTV sports—this big ultrarunner—and we show up to Angelges Crest and Scott Jurek is out there giving him a run for his money in his very first ultra. It was definitely miswritten—completely a story of fiction. If anything, Scott pushed our friendship extremely hard because he just wouldn't accept the fact that I had work to do. When I called him at the airport, I found out he’d killed himself.The pay ranges from low to nonexistent, but some say records could not be broken without them. You didn’t dream of becoming a top-flight ultrarunner, yet you won the 1993 Minnesota Voyager, a 50-mile trail race. A lot of times I had to work my butt off before Scott’s events or after his events. Have you ever tried to take a step back from pacing and crewing? But makes a story about how we're no longer friends ... I was working my butt off, working like 60, 70, 80 hours a week. I decided I needed to start working on my own friends, my own life other than just Scott.There are three facets to their business, they do catering, run a restaurant on Colville St –downtown Walla Walla, and they recently opened a Drive-Thru — down on 9th ave.Graze is a family run, local business, specializing in healthy, delicious food.One hundred and seven competitors will circle the track for one day, and whoever completes the most laps, wins. There will be no fields of wildflowers to beautify the effort, no jagged cliffs or eerie desert landscapes—all terrain the great runner has traversed before.There will be no earthly beauty to help him forget what is at stake.

And as is often the case, Olson is known less for the pace he sets than for the man he paces: The ultramarathoner legend Scott Jurek. I'm there filling up Scott’s water bottles, making sure Scott’s got food. I should be able to split and get half of the sponsorship and endorsements for all we've gone through. Even at one of our friend’s funeral they were approaching me. When it got to be more and more of a career for him, my budget didn't get any better.There is a husky middle-aged man with a back brace that contains a large American flag and a sign that says “Freedom isn’t free.” There are, as will become clear soon, self-immolating sprinters and carefree walkers, stolid joggers, and grimacing shufflers.At the northwest edge of the course is a small army of camping tents and tables groaning with vitamins and energy drinks and cookies, pasta, sushi, and unrecognizable foodstuffs.It wasn’t because I thought it looked romantic, or because everyone on The Internet was doing it so I should try. I did, however, experience stiff knees, shins that felt like they took a beating, Plantar Fasciitis that was almost debilitating and general displeasure when I thought about running. What was also overwhelming to hear about was all the potential gear and options and stretching requirements and overpronating vs.Sometimes, they're allowed to race for themselves—when the boss crashes out, gets busted for doping or has bad legs.


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