Loosing bookmarks when updating firefox 60 plus senior dating

I recently bought a Mac Book Pro and, while setting up Chrome and Firefox on it, I noticed that I had duplicate set of bookmarks on the bookmarks toolbar of both the browsers.

I checked the bookmarks page in Chrome and everything was duplicated there too.

First step on the road to recovery was to uncheck the bookmarks checkbox in both Chrome and Firefox sync.

Once that was taken care of, I had to find out a way to get back to the old state where all my bookmarks were neatly synced across all my browsers, and this time, across different computers too. It stores old copies of bookmarks and that was the lifesaver.

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Hello here is the problem I had with some urgency backup all my system (linux mint 11) in order to not lost my files.I did an image with clonezilla, and then I extracted it on a external disk just for the propose of recovering my files. Ps: If necessary I still have the clonezilla's images.I would like to recover also the bookmarks from my firefox. A Google for 'linux firefox bookmarks location' brought up some answers.I use Xmarks to sync my bookmarks across all the browsers I use, and also had the bookmarks option ticked in the Chrome and Firefox browser sync settings.It didn’t matter on one computer but once I installed the same browsers on a new computer and set up everything from scratch, the problem occurred.It didn’t take me long to figure out what caused this mess.


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